The New St Mary's Centre

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Thanks to all our supporters over the last year. Thank you to those of you who’ve volunteered at the projects and those who’ve donated money. We are nearly there and hope to start building the new Centre in May. Thank you! Wishing everyone a great new year and a blessed 2019.

Here is the video our volunteers have made. It takes a special sort of person to give up their time, voluntarily and get stuck in to a project that really makes difference to peoples lives. The volunteers at Hackney Migrant Centre, Hackney Winter Night Shelter and Hackney FoodBank have got what it takes and we’re proud of them. We’re determined to create a kitchen that’ll enable their work to flourish - will you help us?

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    St Mary's Community Centre N16 Appeal Launched in May 

 * Making sure vital charities don’t get priced out of Church Street.

 * Cash appeal for £250k – less than the price of an N16 studio flat. As business rates and rents in Hackney soar, St Mary's is launching a £250k cash appeal this month to ensure local charities and cultural groups keep a toe-hold in the area. 

The community centre, just behind the church, puts a vital roof over the Hackney Food Bank, Hackney Migrants’ Centre,Hackney Winter Night Shelter, Kehillah North London (Synagogue) as well as groups such as choirs, children's ballet and parties. However, the centre is badly in need of refurbishment and is now struggling to accommodate the needs of all those who would like to make use of it: 

 • Only one dilapidated shower is available for the 25 people who regularly turn up to use the Night Shelter in winter 

• The Migrant Centre often has to turn away those seeking help as it is full to capacity 

 • There is no privacy for those using the medical services of ‘Doctors of the World’ 

 • Lack of space and outdated facilities mean other plans for a much-needed soup kitchen, money advice centre, and an older people’s lunch club may have to be put on hold. 

Can you join the final push to make our Centre a reality? 

Did you promise to ask 50 people for £10? If so, thank you. You’re one of many who have already made that commitment. Even if you haven’t joined in yet please consider doing so now. We’ve finally got planning permission - hooray! and the clock is ticking away for us to raise £250,000 before we can lay that first stone. So yes, your effort is vital! 

Just think, if everyone connected to St Mary’s managed to find 50 friends who could spare ten pounds then the building work could start right now! If you want to ask friends online, attached below is a shot of the 3 Billboards which has really focused this campaign and which might make your post easier.The all-important link to the St Mary's Centre My Donate page is:

It’s never easy asking for money. Here’s what one person’s posted: I hate asking for this but I need to. Can 50 of my friends donate £10 towards the rebuild of the St Mary’s Centre? It will host a Hackney Night shelter for the homeless, a Hackney Food Bank and the Hackney Migrant Centre. Please help.

Another said: Do you have a £10 you can spare for a really good cause? It’s to help build a new centre in Stoke Newington that will host a Hackney Night Shelter, a Hackney Food Bank and a Migrant Centre.

If you’re not on social media then just ask 50 people directly and give them the link to the online donation page at: 

Thank you all so much for helping to turn our vision for the new centre into reality. 

Dilly (on behalf of the fundraising team)

Here is the link what Hackney Citizen had to say about our Three Billboards.

Please take a look at our brochure for more detailed information.

Please take a look at some of the photos from our previous fundraiser events below: